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Sayed Ibrahim
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Dear all
can you send to me in detais method statement to prepare impact programme
sayed ibrahim


Armando Moriles
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Hi Ashraf,

Preparation of Impact Programme suggestion:

1. Prepare a Fragmentary Network (Fragnet) - A sequence of new activities and/or activity revisions, logic relationships and resource changes that you proposed to be added to the existing schedule to demonstrate the influence of impacts to the schedule. Your Fragnet shall identify the predecessors to the new activities and demonstrate the impacts to successor activities;
2. Insert the Fragnet into latest programm and Run the programme.

Your impact programme package may include the following:

1. Fragnet;
2. Impacted Programme;
3. Total Float Report;
4. Narrative Report;
5. Log Report.

Hope it helps...

ashraf alawady
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Hi,Charleston-Joseph Orbe

Could you please send to us list of the summury points resulted from your discusion with Andrew.
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Please read the thread TIME IMPACT ANALYSIS

Focus on the post by Mr. Andrew

From this we can come up with some process / method statement.

I did try (but i can do only during lean hours in my work) and we can share some notes.

then we will post in PP, for others to comment.

I would prefer Mr. Andrew will be our adviser

I have confidence in Mr. Andrew. So we will ask Mr. Andrew if he will be available as our adviser. By this post, hopefully Mr. Andrew will accomodate his precious time.


Dana Qandah
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Sorry i dont have one , but just wanna tell u that the impacted as planned schedules reflect how the as-planned schedule theoretically could have been impacted as a result of various owner or contractor caused delays that are inserted into the schedule.