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Interview Questions - 2

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Tanveer Ahmad Niazi
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Hi All Planners,

ewcwntly i appeared  in a job interview for the position of planning Engineer. The interviewer was the MD of the company and had a good knowldge of primavera. I am shareing these question (and the answers) to all my planet fellows. I dont know all of them were right or not. If any senior & experienced planner is there, please comment if the answer was wrong. Thanx

4-what is reate reflection?

A- it makes a copy of our project plan in our project port folio with the option to merge all or selected changes to the main program.

5- P3 can not show cost?

A- it is absolutely wrong, P3 has cost management and can shoe 100% of the B.O.Q.

6- How?

A- by asigning the cost to all the (labor, nolabor & material) resorces accordingly using cost accounts catagoriy. or simply asign one resource "C = Cost" or "V = Valve" to all the activities through the cost account directory.