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Answering a question like this in a job interview

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Raul Santos
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How do you answer to the following question/situation in a job interview?

An engineer has to develop 5 deliverables in 2 weeks. This activity is in the schedule for the current schedule update period. However, in the meeting to update the schedule, you realize he has not completed his job; he has done only 2 of them. What do you do? Do you just talk to him or do you take another measures?

I guess this has to see with Change Management, so what is the right answer for this situation?


Jay S
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It depends what is the impact.

First Talk to him and understand Why. (Maybe he was sick or have another valid excuse)

If it Impact the project completion you need to advice the PM / EM maybe he requires more resource to complete the task.

If he does not have an valid excuse give him a written worning even though it does not impact the schedule.

Ernesto Montales
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It is not unusual that deliverables are not met. What I think the best to do in this situation is find out why the other 3 deliverables where not met, and the forecast of completion. The reason is not limited to the following listed below:

1. Delay to Procurement/Appointment of Subcontractor
2. Delay to Approval prior to execution
3. Change to Works Information
4. Awaiting Information – Design
5. Delay due to Third Party
6. Subcontractor Performance
7. Material/Plant Availability/Resources
8. Access Denied/Hindered
9. Optimistic Planning / Work re-sequence
10. Poor Coordination (on site)
11. Unforeseen Conditions
12. Delay Due Weather
13. Delayed by previous activity

From these reason you can qualify which one that entitles you for a claim or not based on you contract. It is claimable then you have inform the client.

Hope this helps.