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help please

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Nadeem Akram
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Dear Fellows Can any one please guide me
A------------ I got option of Further educationin in 2 Universities.
1-MSc Project Management Reading University School of Construction Management.
2- MSc Construction Management City University London

I want to start my career as Planner or Planning Engineer ,which MSc will suit my career?
B------------What is difference between Planner and Planning Engineer.

I hope you will spare some time for me


Nadeem Akram
Senior Engineer


Danya Pearce
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I am currently studying my MSC at Bath university (International Construction) but I dont think any MSC will enable you to be a planner.

Planning is a skill that you have to learn on the job and there are no short cuts. Some people are better naturally than others but there are such various roles even in the planning profession that you can become almost any type of planner. It just takes patience and (uhum) good planning ahead.....

So, good luck and also with your studies :-)Chose the course that challanges your interests rather than the one that you think is better......