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Characteristics of good planner

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Shahzad Munawar
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Can somebody define the main characteristics of a good and successful professional planner?


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I totally agree with the assessment, specifically the quote - Which begs the question..... Why do so many prospective employees not recognise this and demand experiance in the toolset?
Guy Hindley
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To me there are several key characteristics of a good planner. In no particular order I will list some:
A completer finisher (from Belbin profile.)
An ability to take an "integrated view".
Has a structured and logical mind.
Seeks order in the world. Places things in a logical sequence.
Has a pro-active nature

A major problem that corrupts the view of a good planner, is that many who are not planners, see planning as a toolset issue, I quote "...whilst skills with particular planning tools may impress employers, they represent less than 20% of the important skills of a planner’s job". If one has the right planning skills then with a little knowledge the toolset can be made to serve. As the name says it is a tool set.
Darrell ODea
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Can somebody define the main characteristics of a good and successful professional planner?

A Good and scucessufl porefssoianl palnner, is one waht atcions or deos wath tehy hvae palnned.

It can only be jugged retrospectively, or after the event, that success can be measured.
A good plan is simple and easy to do. So simple anyone can understand it. The man in the street could carry out the plan. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid.
Mehdi Rashidi Ala...
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Knowledge of the principles and practices of urban planning in specialized areas, such as development impact analysis, transportation, land use and control, functional or district planning, and policy development.
Knowledge of the principles and practices or urban planning in general areas, such as economics, municipal finance, local state and federal laws, and other pertinent programs.
Knowledge of public administration and current developments in urban planning, including social and environmental considerations.
Skill in the research, analysis and development of plans and the preparation of technical reports and presentations.
Skill in planning and coordinating work activities, and establish and maintain effective working relationships with Town officials, Town staff, other planning agencies, and the public.
Skill in interpreting and utilizing current planning information pertaining to work assignments.
Skill in operating computer terminals and utilizing related software packages.
Ability to make oral and written presentations to the public, boards, commissions and Town officials.
Skill in using good customer service principles and practices and in working with irate customers.
Ability to understand and follow written and oral directions.
Ability to establish effective relationships with other employees, Town council and commission members and the general public.
Ability to meet attendance schedule with dependability and consistency
Tomislav Nedeljkovic
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For sure, a planner has a key position in a project. He/she acts as a policeman regulating a crossroad.
The position requires a good technical knowledge (the construction method, how we are going to proceed), very good communication skills (communicate the informations to the others, give some guidance to the construction and the PMT as a tool helping to make the right decision, but also get the key informations from them) and a good sense of anticipation and analyse (which includes the forecast of all types of variations: material deliveries, scope of work, weather forecast ... to minimize the impact on the schedule and the key delivery dates). ... at least I belive so ...

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A planner need hard and soft skill. Hard skill includes tools (like software), analysis, observation, etc. Soft skill will be people side.

Either muilt-discipline or inter-dispcline is preferable.
Mehdi Rashidi Ala...
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Planner is artist in the work with knowledge base management and engineering & communication skills.
Mark Lomas
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thanks to Pete and Mehdi,

Let me add that I think the planner has to have the ability to build the project in his head, anticipating all information, plant labour, and material requirements, problems due to weather, land availability, cashflow, etc., etc., etc.,

To me the key aspect of the role is proactive, it is forward-planning. I note the need for tracking and reporting, but if the initial planning (before the project starts) is rubbish, then youll report a lot of bad news.

Pete Atkinson
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Quantify and track all scope of work in the planning system. The tracking system could be P3, excel spreadsheet, database, etc. Use all resources around you, Project management team, field superintendent and his staff, and last of all never forget the QC/QA Department in the field. The QC/QA department is also tracking progress in the field with their log book, so use them as much as possible.