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Step for preparing EPCC Project Schedule and Monitoring method

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Mohd Najib Ramlan
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Dear all,

Recently I've been assigned to prepare the project schedule for EPCC project for my company.

Before this, I'm only involve in Hook-up & Commissioning project where the schedule and monitoring is kind of straight forward comparing to EPCC project schedule where I need to develop the schedule from Engineering until commissioning process where progress and cost need to be monitor closely.

I would seek some guidance from all the senior members in this group either in giving some sample for EPCC project schedules or any guideline in preparing and monitoring the EPCC project.

Appreciate for your ideas, suggestions and any information sharing. Thanks.



Jithin Kambhikanam
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Hi Najib,

In an EPC Project when you make your project schedule you have to break down the project by WBS (Sometimes Client already prepare the WBS with weighted % and issue it with the tender which has to be used in progress calculation) example ,



                          You can again break down it by dicipline


                          You can again break down it by Long Lead and Bulk which can be then again broken down by dicipline

Construction and Commissioning

                            You can break down it by Area and dicipline or if there is no area then by dicipline

You can measure the,

Engineering by Manhours

Procurement by Cost

Constuction by Cost

Overall progress you can meausre it by Clients terms (if WBS Weighted % in given which is usually WBS based) or by Cost which can give you weighted % for Engineering , Procurement and Construction & Commissioning.

Other seniors can add more detail or you can pop questions to that we can reply.

Warm Regards