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How to import a project with budgeted man hours

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Carlos Ochoa
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I have been trying to import a project in P6.  The project has budgeted man hours, but when i finish the import the hours are all changed.  What is the correct way of doing it?


Zoltan Palffy
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add a column for duration type and change all of your duration types to fixed duration and units/time 

the run a global change 

go to tools global change 

Then New

make sure the top part of the global change where it says Select Subject Area change it to Activity Resource Assignment

make the global change look like this 


resource ID Name is not equal to (leave the next part blank)


Calculate cost from units = No 

then on the right select Change 

then on the botom committ

Noe Radovan
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Check if your time period, calendar settings, time units and also resources calendar of your P6. is matching on the imported file  If you want to match the budgeted hours check all your settings.  It could be the imported file is using hours as time unit but your program is days or vice versa. Possible also is your calendar used has the same name as your P6 but different workweek and timeperiods.

Arun Vasanth
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Please Answer the above Question???