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Cleared PMP on first attempt

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Rav B
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Dear All,

I am very pleased and excited to inform you that I have cleared PMP on the very first attempt.

The exam is easy or TOUGH, is very difficult to decide and depends on one’s own intellectual level. For me, this exam really needs a planned, systematic and strategic planning and this is a 100% real test for Project Managers.

Some points I wud like to share are:

1. Just Dont ignore PMBOK. Read everything and anything in PMBOK from Cover to Cover. PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE and thorough knowledge of site management is not enough to clear the PMP, as the meaning and intention of terminologies used in PMBOK might be different than real-time experience.

2. It took seven weeks for me for preparation once my 35 Contact hour training got finished. Make a consistent approach for study. If u r studying for 2 hours daily, just keep it 2 hours consistently.

3. Like ur own routine job of planning, consider the EXAM too as a PROJECT. Set ur END Date first, and then start preparation for it. Make a week wise preparatin of reading PMBOK, other books like Rita Mulcahy or Kim Heldman, (Whatever u hav purchased), may b some flashcards, giving some real time exam on or using some simulation softwares.

4. Meet as many people as possible. Consult the volunteers of PMI and PMP’s. Visit yahoogroups of PMP or other forums like

5. Most of d questions will be situational based and so, better use planning planet as a perfect TOOL for understanding the project environment.

6. In mock-up tests, once u score 80% plus (In ur first attempt) , u r fully ready.

7. It took me 150 minutes for finishing the paper and then spend 45 minutes for reviewing. Just cant control on my patitience and then pressed the END EXAM button after 3 1/2 hours.

8. TRY Rita Mulcahy’s PM FASTrack 5.0 (Simulation Sotware), as it contains 1400+ questions and will guide you to understand the situational based questions and choosing the best answer out of correct options available.

9. AND MOST IMPORTANT, dont ignore the real time situation; sitting continously for four hours. Its too tough.

Don’t forget to see CONGRADULATIONS after ur exam is over. :-)


Raviraj A Bhedase


Ali Osama
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Muhammad Waseem
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DEAR Raviraj Bhedase

Congrulation you passed the PMP Exam in First attemp. dear do you have Rita Mulcahy’s 1400+ questions soft copy

if you have could you please sent me because i already preparation the PMP Exam 

my email address :

i am waiting for your response.

Best Regards


Muhammad Waseem

ulysses garcia
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I read some of the context in Rita’s book... It says that being a PMP your salary is more than 10% higher than to those not PMP.

I think this statement is not acceptable, bieng a PMP you need to maintain your unit within 3 year- 60 unitPDU. So, in this case, you need to attend siminars or have a reseach thesis to obtained this.

10% will not compensate to all of this expenses..
Ponnaganti Sridhar
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Raviraj its great, so reached the benchmark of project management professionals, Congrulations , i am just a small bud in this ocean , i would like to know more about the Project planning&Control profession, but i am not getting a poroper project of proper sceniors guide like you

Thanking you,
Rav B
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This is what I heard too!! 70% of people pass in the exam.

Passing grade is 60.5%
ulysses garcia
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Usually, how many would passed the exam out of the total taking the exam. I read some info, about 60 - 70 % , is it right..passing grade 61 %..
Rav B
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So, u r from 20th Batch, I suppose.

You need to have at least 3 years of experience to be eligible for PMP exams.

Also, the exam is mainly focused on scenario based questions, and are more practical. Just log in to and get further eligibility details for PMP certification.

I wud advise u to appear for CAPM examination. As a student, it will be easy for you to appear and clear CAPM exam from the viewpoint of course content of ur institute. But, practically, u shud appear for CAPM, once you gain some more experience and then apply CAPM kind of stuff into your working areas.


A person does not become a project manager after going on a project management course. You only can become a project manager if you have mastered the discipline you have chosen.

You’ve got to come up through the ranks. There is presently a greater demand for project management, because it suites the dynamic world we live in. Project management is a well established industry, so it is not like the IT boom we have had in the last 20 years. You can not go do an expensive course, walk into a job and earn tons of cash.

I would suggest that they keep on looking for oportunities to gain experience and better pay.



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Nice hear.I m Vishal P.Fiske..

CurrrentlyPursuing My PG in Advanced Cnstruction Management
from NICAMR,Pune(M.S. INDIA)

I m intrested to get PMP certification.

i aready have one year of experience in execution,

by end of december i will be placed .

Please do reply if u can help me.
Rav B
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Joined: 20 May 2007
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Thanks Everybody!!

Some more pointers:

Keep your approach very simple and straight.

1. Created a MS-Project Plan to track progress
2. Informed friends, relatives etc. that I am appearing from PMP. This helped to keep my focus. Some may like to keep this is secret and disagree.
3. Read PMBOK 2 times - cover to cover.
4. Rita PMP exam prep 2 times
5. Q &As for the PMBOK Guide 3rd edition. 1 times
6. Take as may mock exams as possible
7. Became member of yahoo groups for PMP
8. Daily visit PMHUB for lessons learned.
9. Find at least 2 hours for study. I did 2 hours in the evening. It was tough initially but in 7-10 days my routine was ready.

These are the other sites I referred too:

1. free flashcard website for PMP with 1538 questions/flashcards. go to "Study".

2. In addition there are lot of materials , questions in the other flashcards

3. 75 free questions:

4.PMP Exam Tutorials, 200 questions:

5. Free 15 questions:

6. 20 practice questions:

7. Free PMP Certification Practice Questions:

8. Read Jim Owens Columns

9. Put on the headphone for Eric Nielsen’s lunch ‘n’ learn

The Paper
1) I wish I had put more focus on ITTO. There were at least 8-9 questions focusing directly on Tool and Techniques and Inputs
2) Did the memory dump. This helped me in answering at least 15-20 questions quickly
3) The calculations were very easy.
4) Mostly the questions were very lengthy and some of them were so tricky that they required 2-3 readings.
5) Some of the questions (text) were repeated 2-3 times but off course the answers were different


Erickson Tria
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As first step on the exam I’m planning to attend preparation for PMP.
I would refer to the books you’ve suggested and if you got some more pointers that would be most welcome.


pmkb .
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Congratulations Raviraj and thanks for sharing your experience with it.

Project Management Knowledge Base
Project Planning Info
Ife Olyke
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Congrat Rav. Thanks for sharing your experience; I am sure I’ll learn from it. See how you have just sky-rocketted your value? Good luck in all your efforts.. Cheers
Rav B
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Basically depends in which country u r working in.

If in USA, yaa its true that only 10% rise will be there.

If in GCC countries, then defintely a good jump.

to maintain 60 PDU’s, not for all seminars, PMI sanctions PDU’s.

U can also give presentatin in conferences arranged by PMI for the aspirants. I think u can get 5 PDU’s for each presentation and you can make two such presentations.

Lectures of experts (conducted by PMI), with fetch u 2 PDU’s.

Can get a full list of PDU’s on website

but, definitely will get much better salary if u r a PMP

AND MOST IMPORTANT, ur company shud recognise PMP


Zameer Jeff
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Hi Ravi
Congratulations on your brilliant success. Your hard working has given you a very sweet fruit of success, now do not delay and request for salary raise. hhhhhhaaa
Your advices are very valuable I am wondering if you can provide me some literature in electronic form for studies. I am in Toronto and books are really expensive here.
cheers my friend if you do not have never mind.

Talk to you later

Dieter Wambach
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Hi Raviraj


ulysses garcia
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Groups: GPC Qatar


Accept my warm "congratulation"

PMP - Respect the threory of CPM...