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not possible to get a clear definition of client needs?

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eampm pmjha
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Hello guys, can anyone anser this question please? Thank a lot


Traditional project management (TPM) depends heavily on being able to clearly define what the client needs. You cannot create a detailed project plan without that information. Within the framework of the TPM, what could you do if it were not possible to get a clear definition of client needs?


Zoltan Palffy
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agree with Stephen

Stephen Devaux
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1. Make assumptions re requirements.

2. Document them.

3. Distribute them to sponsor/customer with a "fused" date when scope will be frozen and changing it will require ECP/ECO.

4. Continue planning WBS/schedule/resources/budget/fee based on assumptions.

5. Change WBS/schedule/resources/budget/fee per feedback from sponsor/customer.

6. Freeze scope.

7. Complete plan.


Projects involving contracts will also require negotiating/finalizing the contract.


Fraternally in project management,

Steve the Bajan


P.S. Congrats to you and England, Mike! (Of course, ya couldn'ta done it without a Bajan bowling the super over!)

Mike Testro
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Follow the drawings and specification.