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ERP-implementation and project management (BaaN, S

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Ives Van Meenen
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Hi all

I am doing a research in ERP systems and project management.

Therefore I am looking for people that were involved in an ERP project, for an interview.

If anyone knows project managers or other people that were involved in an ERP project, please let me know.

I am located in Sweden, in Växjö. Also, if you know companies around Växjö that have implemented ERP, please let me know.

You can email me on

Best regards

Ives Van Meenen
(Belgian student in Sweden)


Bernard Ertl
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Im not sure how I missed this thread before...

Within the oil refining and petrochem industries, most plants utilize some form of ERP and/or CMMS system for daily planning / resource management. However, special projects (capital engineering, turnaround maintenance) are almost always planned and managed via a separate project management system.

You should be able to contact some local industry to find candidates for your research. HTH!

Bernard Ertl
InterPlan Systems Inc. - Project Management Software, Project Planning Software
Zq qz
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Me myself experience using ERP ( Enterprisr Resource Planning) in project control this is quite complicated but very effective, This is a very large Database in which you can input all your data & extract all you want / " WORM - Write Onece Read Many " Technique. To know more about this try ERP by JD Edwards. Hope this will help
Mehdi Rashidi Ala...
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Dear Van Meenen,
Im working in cyberjaya ( MSC Malaysia ).
This company develop hardware- software solutions ( end to end solutions) for ERP and etc.
We are defining many projects in ERP items.
You can email me on