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Research on Project Management

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Miggie Syarief
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I need to create a report about project management in design industry, please give some suggestions and information about the job opportunity, salary range, responsibility, role,etc


razif r
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Which region / part of the world ? One fellow design aerospace engineer I knew in Tibet cried out loud when he came and visited Camden Lock in London and discover that he eventually eat up his month salary while stuffing up his fish n chips in his mouth.. not inclusive black coffee no sugar. He gained back his month salary by selling off his old necklace beads which the price he bought it in Tibet same as he the price of instant noodle in Tibet. He resigned being an aerospace engineer in Tibet to a beads Tibetan goodies vendor in Camden Lock London.
Mehdi Rashidi Ala...
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Dear Syarief,

Project Management in design industry has a wide rang of elements and activity.
The most important success factors in PM design has normwork.
I work in a electronic design company. In this works Project management is very difficult but salary is very good.
I will send you further information about reposnsibility and salary and Job opportunity in iran.

Forum Guest
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I am also doing research on the project planner/scheduler/controller function. I invite anyone with a good job description, including educational background, to either post it for email me at Thanks!
Guy Hindley
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I tend to study job adverts to get an idea of the salary range that a planner can expect. There seem to be wide fluctuations between different industries and parts of the same country.
Ernesto Puyana
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Groups: None used to run a salary survey on a yearly basis, which might help you. However, I don´t know whether it´s still available.