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Export both Baseline+Current in one XER file?

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hanson California
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Joined: 9 Jan 2012
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Dear All P6 Experts,

I have my current schedule and I already assigned Basline to it. I try to export my current schedule as XER file and send it by e-mail but the person who import it to his computer he can't see my assigned baseline? Is there method I can send them in correct way at the same time in one XER file?


Thank you all,




Zoltan Palffy
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its alwasy a good practice to copy the original baseline schedule for this exact purpose becasue once you assign it to another schedule it gets hidden.

as Tony said restore the baseline open both projects together then export 

Alida Prinsloo
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dreams2010 dendy
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thanks Tony for your illustration

Syed Hussain
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How to use refliction?



Essam AbdulFattah
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use refliction in P6 it will include current schedule along with more than one baseline.




Tony Cabezon
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In the maintain baselines click restore to unlink the baseline, open both and export XER, the other person just needs to assign the baseline to the main project. then later on for updates you´d only need to send the main project and import it as updating.