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activities having more negative total float, than summary total float

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Romil Villanueva
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I am having difficulty in understanding, because i received a schedule in P6 and just detailed more, i added some activities.

but when I scheduled it and take a closer look on the floats, one activity ( precomm,and commissioning) are having -86, but

on the lvl-0, or project summary it shows -73, i am new to P6 so I am having difficulty so I am asking some assistance to you guys who are more adept than me... a lil help please..thank  you so much


Romil Villanueva
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thanks guys, i understand it more now, i just felt it was strange to have discrepancies on my total floats. the above comments were very helpful..cheers...

Rafael Davila
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From the following figure you will find that no matter what definition of float you use, start float or finish float it is possible even when using the same calendar that some activities can have lower Start/Finish Float than the summary bar while others show more.

Summary bar aaa has a start float of 10 while activity a1 start float of 15 and activity a3 have 0 start float.

Summary bar aaa has a finish float of 5 while activity a1 finish float of 15 and activity a3 have 0 finish float.


Shareef Abdul Azeez
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Hi Romil At summary level P6 uses Global Calendar,...This results in different float values.. Regards Shareef
Stefano Bignozzi
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Normally different float values (not necessarily negative), in a sequence of activities, depends on different calendars inside the schedule. 

This always happens and is not a problem.