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Shifting the data date on multiuser / multiproject environment using P6

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Miguel Rios
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On my previous project, the lead planner used to request all the schedulers to close all projects and logout so that he could shif the data date.

Now, I have been assigned to a different project and now I'm working directly on the client's P6 system. Our project is just one of the projects part of the EPS. The data date of our project is December 30, 2011, and the client's data date is January 13, 2012.  I have been requested to shift the data date for our portion to January 13 and the client will do the same for January 27. Our project has links to other projects that are being done by other companies. The client manages the master schedule.

Having different data dates on differen projects, create problems? What is the proper procedure or way of shifting the data on a multiuser (network) / multiproject environment?


hua 052011
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I found that a member asked same question in this forum some months ago.


Pls use search box to find this questions with comments

Frederic Fasquelle
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Hi Miguel,

Like you, I am involved in a project divided in many schedules.
If you launch global calculation on projects having different DD, P6 will automatically calculate all projects with the smalest date. Depending of your way to update projects, Primavera could produce some interesting results.

For instance, you have a DD on January 13rd. You have considered one activity started on January 10th.
Unfortunally, you open several others projects and one has a DD on January 01st. P6 will launch calcul on January 01st for all opened projects. Your activity declared as started on 10th will be shown starting on 1st. Remaining duration will be increased by 9 days. When you will have changed your DD from 01st to 13rd, If you don't have input an "expected finish date", your activity started on 10th will be be completed 9 days after what you expect before.

By the way if your activity started on January 10th have successor, start date of this successor will be on DD. If you have considered an expected finish this time, remaining duration will be increased also. Same consequence as previously.

If your previous lead planner were asking you to close projects and to log out, it was mainly (in my mind) to avoid any modification during calculation and to ensure the final result.



Miguel Rios
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Thanks Nasar for your reply.

I was thinking about why we were being requested to close all projects and logout so that the Lead Planner could shift the data date of the master schedule in my previous project.

In my current project, we almost have the same EPS structure and I am working on one of the projects that are part of that EPS, but there are different data dates on each one. I was thinking if shifting the data date separately could present a problem on calculations of start or finish dates.

Nasar Haq
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is it not possible for you to change the data date individually so as not to impact on any other projects? although this owuld take longer i assume!