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ahhhh help needed urgently!! links between projects!

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John Sims
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I am a planner for the engineering department of a utlity company, i have been working on putting in dependancy links between my engineering plan and another plan which is used for all construction works.

The planner on the construction works has made a copy of his construction plan and now made that the live plan, the construction programme where all my links are going to has now been made inactive, this now making all my links fail.

Is there is quick fix for this, can i somehow swap project id numbers so my links go on to the new construction live plan?

Your help is much needed...thanks in advance!






John Sims
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Joined: 2 Jun 2011
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Thanks to you both for replying, in the end i went about this the long hard way and put in new links....

I'm not that confident with exporting data yet and being these projects are very important i didnt want to mess either of them up.

I will take your replys for future use and practice on some dummy projects to build my confidence.


Thanks again!



Anning Sofi
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Another method would be to open your Engineering programme. Create an excel export file "Activity Relationships",

ensuring that you have this fields:



Relationship Type

Predecessor Project

Successor Project

Predecessor Activity Status

Successor Activity Status

Predecessor Activity Name

Successor Activity Name



When you have created the export file, using excel's Find and Replace, change the old construction plan Project name to the name of the New Construction Plan project name in the fields "Predecessor Project, Successor Project" wherever applicable. Make blank the Predecessor Activity Status, Successor Activity Status by just deleting the values therein, so that no change in the status will be made during the import process.

Import back the revised excel Activity Relationship file to the your engineering plan programme.

Sandy Matheson
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This should work although a bit convoluted.

I assume the activity ID in both construction projects is identical?

In your old construction project change all the activity IDs with a common prefix or suffix (replace all)

Then open all 3 projects together and merge them under one overall WBS, i.e all in the same project (maintaining the links between your engineering and old construction projects). 

Then export to excel the relationships between the engineering and old construction project.

In excel change the construction activity IDs in successor column to remove the common prefix, i.e. the ID now matches the new construction project ID.

Now import the relationships into the combined project.   You can then split the projects again through the WBS view.

Note you cannot export links betwen separate projects.

Give it a try