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Oracle Password

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mani M.R
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Hai All
I working in StandAlone Version (P6.7 - Oracle Database)
In P6 v7 I getting Error Message
Unable to connect to the database. Would you like to configure the database connection now?"
Connect String - XE
Database - ORAPMDB
Username - ADMPRM$PM
Password -     (That we Typed during Installation)
I forgot that Password
Is there Any Way to Retrieve The Password
Is there any any other way to Resolve the Problem


ethan adam
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Ozgur Goral
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Hi all,

I just installed the primavera on a virtual machine and got no error during the installation. But now dealing with configuration stuff.

Could  anyone please tell me how to configure the database. Didn't primavera already install and configure the database during the installation? I found  many Username and Password combinations and the ones listed above but any of them didn't work. The error is: "invalid username/password; logon denied).

why is this so hard, please someone who has the chance to communicate with  primavera authorities, he/she let them know that this configuration story sucks.


Thanks in advance.

mani M.R
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Thanks For Your Reply

1.SQL> alter user ADMPRM$PM identified by <R123456>;  it didnt work

When i typed SQL> alter user ADMPRM$PM identified by "R123456";  it Works

Thanks a lot



Ronald Winter
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You cannot retrieve the Oracle Database password but you cna reset it.  After that, you will need to deal with the fact that P6 now has the wrong password, but that is another procedure.  Good luck!


To change the password for database users, ADMPRM$PM, PRIVPRM$PM, PUBPRM$PM do the following:

Login to SQLPlus by first running the command prompt (Windows Start Button/Run, “cmd” or Windows Start Button/All Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt)  Then at the C:> prompt,

c:\>sqlplus / as sysdba

The prompt will turn into an SQL> prompt, i.e. “SQL>”.  Type the following:

SQL> alter user ADMPRM$PM identified by <new_pass>;

Where <new_pass> is the new password you specify for the user.  Don’t forget to enter the “;” at the end, or you will be prompted for the 2ndhalf of your entry “;” with a “?” prompt.  (In that case, just enter the ";".)

You can repeat the alter user command for each user password that you would like to change. 

To exit SQLPlus, type


 and Return.  To exit the windows command prompt, also type,


and Return.