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importing an XER file with EPS activity codes

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vito Kooij, van
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Dear Members,

I have a P6.2, and the next problem.

I have a project with EPS activity codes.

I have a client who wants XER file. If he imports into his own database, then the EPS activity codes do not come along.

I also tried the XML file, but the EPS activity codes are not put in EPS structure where the project stands.

Is there a hidden setting that allows for an XER file to import all data from the project (including the EPS activity codes)
PS. in the export file, the codes are available!

thanks for your comment


Santosh Bhat
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Open the XER file in a text editor like Notepad. Do a find and replace that swaps "AS_EPS" to become "AS_Global" and then all the EPS codes and assignments to activities will be imported into the destination database as a Global Activity Code.

Takes a few seconds to do and brings across all the data - as long as you're allowed to do such imports! 

Steven Auld
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EPS Level Activity codes CAN be imported from another database, but needs a bit of work up front.

The only Requirement is that an EPS Activity Code Type with Exactly the same name must already exist in the structure above the Project being imported into.

In order to Import a list of EPS Code values, you would first need to check that the EPS Activity Code Name already exists in the Target Database prior to importing.

If this EPS Activity Code Type exists, then all the code values & assignments will import.

David Kelly
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EPS level Activity codes ONLY import into a database if the database has EXACTLY the same EPS structure as the database the project(s) were exported from.
Santosh Bhat
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Only Activity codes that are assigned to the activities that are being exported will be in the XER file. If you have defined them in your Global Code Dictionary, but not used them yet, they will not get exported.

Zoltan Palffy
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during the import process when you get to the Update Project Options screen selectModify at the bottomon the Data Type:Project section under Activity code value and activity codesand Prject code assignments  in the action column change all 3 of these INSERT NEW also the other machine must have the rights to import the codes if you are taking about activity code values make sure that you have the proper rights to do this  go to admin security profiles upper left global profiles then click on the profile name that has the check mark ie.e Administrator then under Privilege make sure that ALL of the boxes are checked   if you are talking about the activity code dictionary  The only other way to get the activity CODE DICTIONARY is to use a 32 bite machine with P6 and SDK on it and then export the Global dictionary to excel
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Global Activity Codes are not getting exported in the xer file. I tried opening the exported xer files with Wordpad & also in another PC but the global activity codes are not present in both cases.

Johnny Pain
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hi all,


I've got the same problem here.

I also tried using global activity codes, but they did not come along as I thought they would.

I cannot use project activity codes since I need these codes to be available for more than one project...

are you sure there isn't a way ?

I tried recreating the same EPS structure, and it worked fine on one machine and not on the other...

I'm lost !

Rodel Marasigan
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EPS activity codes are there even if you check your xer with any text application such as wordpad or import it back to your machine with same EPS structure. The reason it was not imported to other machine because EPS structure will not be the same as in your machine therefore it will be ignore. The correct way of exporting activity codes is either Project activity codes or global activity code.
(You can convert to global your current activity code before exporting to xer so other machine can read it.)