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Export XER from citrix environment, import XER on standalone, activity codes repetition!!

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Maaz Ahsan
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I am facing a problem in P6 which is stated as below:

I have a project with 5 individual schedules (five operating centers) linked with each other. I access these schedules in a Citrix environment. Now when I want to send this to any one (e.g. client) he will like to open these 5 schedules in a standalone P6 or a local P6 server. I faced the problem that when he imported XER files into his P6 the codes of 5 schedules were repeated 5 times (as it was the same strucutre). e.g. If the Code was "Discipline" so it was repeated 5 times with each project name as a suffix. Hence the schedules could not be organized nor any other action could be done due to different codings.

One solution I found was to make the activity codes global (but that pollutes the global lib) and import excel files for each activity with the code values which was exported from Citrix environment.

Can any one suggests a better solution?