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Connecting Primavera SDK database using Excel

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Anbin Ponnith
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Dear All,

I tried connecting Primavera SDK Database using Excel external data.After connecting in the "query wizard" I am not able to select a particular project in the column area.

How can we filter a separate project..

With Thanks & Regards,

Anbin Ponnith


Emma Seaton
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Hi, you need to know the Unique ID for the project. Do a query on the proj_id/proj_short_name within the PROJECT table and you should (hopefully) be able to identify which project you should filter on once you’ve connected to the data. Then using this UID you can then pull in the activities and associated data. It may help to root out the Physical Schema. This came with the on-disk documentation with P3e 4.1, and should in theory be on the P5 disk too...

Hope that’s of some help... I used this to connect to the MS SQL Database that the PMDB is using on my local machine. Haven’t been able to get onto the server version as yet.