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Connection to P5 database from MS Access via SDK

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Suraj Thakur
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Hi all,

I wanted to get my P5 database in MS Access via SDK. So I have installed SDK & connected from MS Access by File/Link Tables/ODBC/SDK (by providing admin as username&password).
After that databse of P5 opened up & I selected OAUSER.PROJECT.
Now using update query i updated scope level to 7 for one particular project.
Then I again went to connect to database for new table called OAUSER.TAS(that contains project activities data) but this time it gives error saying odbc call failed...

Plz help what & where I am missing something !



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I think Ahmet is right. Another connection require you setting scope again.
Or you can create an issue on Primavera’s POINT sothat Primavera’s team can help you overcome this.

Ahmet Cetin
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You shall use always the same connection when you are working, when you are updating scope level to 7, you are updating it for this connection. If you will open it with another connection, you will lose the scope.

To be honest I used SDK only with VB and C#, never used it with Access, but main problem generally causes by scope level.

Hope this helps,

Ahmet Cetin

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