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Start - Predecessor activity with a finish milestone

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richu rose
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I have the following problem in P6:

I have assigned activity A with a finish mile stone, finishing on 01st March 10 08:01 AM (08:01 AM is the time appearing in the finish column0 .
Activity B having a duration of 03 days with activity A as the predecessor & FS relationship shows start date as 01st March 10 08:01 AM & finsh date as 04-Mar-10 08:01 AM. Is’nt this wrong.

In fact the correct finish date for activity A must be 01st March 10 06:00 PM & for activity B start date as 02nd March 10 08:00 AM & finsh date as 04-Mar-10 06:00 PM.
How do i get this right in P6.




Shebin Thomas
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Myself Shebin.

Regarding the same issue,is there any settings provided in P6 to change the default time for a finish milestone activity to commence at 6:00pm instead of 8:00 am. In my one project i changed the activity type of an activity from start milestone to finish milestone. The date then changed from 20-Mar-2011 07:00am to 20-Mar-2011 07:01 am. The same thing when i done in another project the time changed from 07:00am to 5:00 pm.Why this discrepancy? Can anyone help me in rectifying the issue please, then it would be greatly helpful.

Thank you

Arnold Puy
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Hi Richu,

This problem has been corrected in P6 v7.

The only solution is to change the 8:01 into 8:00 AM


Wilfredo Jr. Flores
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Hi Richu,

What activity type did you assigned to Activity A.It should be finish Milestone with finish on constraint of 1Mar10. Then check the assigned calendar to your activities to correct the timings. As for Activity B, it will start using the same date and time of finish date of activity A