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Percent Complete?

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Richard Asiimwe
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Is it okay to manually enter the percent complete values in the "duration percent complete field" or manual entry is allowed only under "Physical Percent complete".



Frederic Fasquelle
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You right,

I didn’t mention that I was talking about versus 3 or 3.1
Anoon Iimos
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what program (software) are you referring to?
Frederic Fasquelle
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You can disconnect the percent complete from the remaining duration.
You have to uncheck the first line ("link remaining duration and schedule percent complete").

This option is very good, because you can disconnect percent from remaining duration, thus if you give a budget for all your activities, you will be able to calculate a physical progress (in mhrs or quantities like concrete m3, ton of structural steel or piping inches).

But be careful, when it is desactivated, you must know and calculate for all your activities progress realized and remaining duration.

Personnaly, I am a partisan of this way of working but with constraints.
Andrew Dick
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Richard, You can manually enter the percent complete for ’Duration Percent Complete’ activities, as long as you are aware that your remaining duration will be adjusted accordingly;
10 day activity @ 50% = 5 remaining days