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Creating a custom note field/display

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Rob Mezger
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I have the need to display some schedulers notes (TEXT) that would be tied to activities. I have already explored using notebook items and that is great but you only seem to be able to display them in the Gantt Chart view. I want to be able to display a custom note column (scheduler adds text notes & edits as necessary - eg. Completion was delayed due to power outage)I was wondering if this is eaily done via User defined fields? I have not used that function of the software yet. So in summary I want to be able to display an activity description, start/finish date, variance to baseline and lastly a column for notes. I don’t want to display any Gantt chart info only data. Let me know if you have a solution.


David Kelly
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yes, a user defined field is the way to do it. You get 256 characters of text.

The rule I set myself is that if a UDF will be used by every project the same way, I rename it in the "Enterprise User Defined Fields" other wise I rename it in each layout that uses it.