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Duration Type / Percent Complete - Absolute Confusion

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Matthew Lovkis
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Hi There,

I am struggling to come to terms with the duration type and percent complete functions of P3e. I have read numerous texts and everything I can find on the subject.

All I want is to be able to update an activity where the At Complete Duration doesn’t change when I update the Actual Units.

However when I have an activity that is Fixed Duration and Units, and the percent complete type is Units... when I update the units and the data date... it increases the At Complete Duration. How can I possibly keep the at complete duration the same throughout?


Matt Lovkis


Laurence Potgieter
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you are not the only confused one, don’t worry. The number of permutations that can be implemented with all the activity progress types, resource progress methods, percent completes, etc. etc. are many.
However, try Enterprise - Projects - select project - Calculations tab - there you see some radio button options about this.
It’s all very complicated, no-one argues about that fact, not even the agents.