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Import/Export/Global Change for Notebook’s Activity Log

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Anibal Monserrate
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Anybody has a work around for Global Changes to Notebook Topics?
While attempting to populate the Notebook Topics: Activity Log & Justification, we found that P3 e/c 5 does not provide for:
1. Filter activities that contains Notebook topics (solution ID:Prim10575)
2. Make any Global Changes to Notebook Topics (solution ID:Prim31359)
3. Export/Import to Excel not possible.

We tried the activity4x.xls SDK solution, but unfortunately does not include any options to access Notebook topics assignment to activities. Dictionary50.xls does include the notebook topics. The only option found was to connect the SDK tables to Microsoft Access (solution ID:Prim19300), but you really need to know what table to access. Any Ideas?


Kevin Button
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If you use the Primavera SDK you will need to access the PROJECT, TASK and TASKMEMO tables. Email me if you need help with this.
Otherwise you will need to update the records directly in Primavera.