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Page Breaks

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Matthew Lovkis
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Hi guys,

I’m using P3e and my project is sorted by WBS at the moment. I want to print the project with a Page Break for every WBS level 2.

Is it possible to do this?

(I have seen the page break by Group function in the ’Page Setup => Options’ Bar, but I can’t seem to activate it.

Does this issue relate to ’Group Intervals’?

Thanks a lot,

Matthew Lovkis


Sufian Malik
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Hi Matthew

This option only allows page breaks for the 1st level of whatever you’re grouping by. So if you have multi level wbs bands then they will still be printed without page breaks. If on the other hand you have more than one project open you will be able to tick the ’Break page every group’ option as the 1st level of the wbs is the project id/project name therefore each project will begin on a new page. Perhaps you can use something else to group your activities like an activity code? Obviously something without a multi level hierarchy.

Hope that helps