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I need your help

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Jason LI
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Dear all,
I need your help,if you have basic design schedule and detail design schedule, like chemical or oil refinery etc. Please kindly send to my personal email box:
Many thanks.


Rafael Davila
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Usually design schedules if outsourced are based on contract milestones for design phases such as Conceptual Design, Preliminary Design, 60%, 90% & 100%, details might vary. But if you do in-house design then you got to get into the details. I am from the civil contracting business but at very few times we end up doing some works at pharmaceuticals, chemical or for the couple of petro at the island. I know some mechanical estimators use Gulf Publishing Books as a reference. The following might provide you some help or at least a link where to search for more appropriate references. design&SearchTypeID=&SearchInterestID=&PageMove=3

Best regards,

Samer Zawaydeh
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Dear Jack,

It would be much more benefitial if you get a copy of your contract documents and especially the BOQ and sit with your Project Team and start building you Program of Works.

With kind regards,