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Can you change colours and shading of shaded curtain ?

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Terry White
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Joined: 8 Feb 2004
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Hope people don’t mind me doing a new thread with the new title following on from my other thread about weeks and weekends.

Does anyone know how to change colour and shading of the shaded curtain facility please ?




Mangesh Khuspe
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it’s not possible in p3 while it is possible in p5. the best thing is to insert an object.


Paul Harris
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I have not seen a method of changing the color or density of the curtain.

Format, Colors sets screen colors and there is nothing there.

Your may be able to mess around with the Grey scale function in print preview screen, but I do not hold too much hope.

Paul E Harris
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Terry White
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Joined: 8 Feb 2004
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I was shown this facility in P3 by Eliza on another thread. You go INSERT, OBJECT which brings up a TOOLS toolbar with 6 icons on it. The last one is the one I’ve been able to use to shade out the weekend periods on my chart. But, its black and the shading is a bit too heavy for me, so I want to change it to a different colour.

Any help you can give me I would be grateful please.
Amreshwar Shukla
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Dear Terry White,

Can you explain " shaded curtain facility" , little more?

I think it must be related to your programme not to P3..

Hemanth Kumar
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Which Version You Are Using

In P3 It Is Not Posible

Make A Curtain In MS EXCEL Copy Object And Paste It