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Saving Layout File In Adobe Acrobat .PDF format

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Ahmad Husni Saleh...
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Kindly help me on this, how to save our P3 schedule/Layout in Adobe Acrobat PDF format for easy printing at other PC /printer with no P3 software thank you.


Mike Testro
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Hi Faiz

This thread is 7 years old!

It is not a good idea to add to long dead threads.

And do not put your email in an open thread - use the private message service.

Best regards

Mike Testro

AB Timo
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You can use the .XER to .PDF Converter

Converters are easily available at can search it at also.

If you don't find then email me use private message service shall send you the setup


Faiz Rasul

A.Jaffer Sadiq
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You can download pdf crater from the web, so you can which layout u want, now u can save!

Dave Rodwell
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My approach to this problem is to:
1. In the menu select File, Preview Picture.
2. You will be asked to save it with a suggested name of PRIMA with a path identified, these are variables.
3. Once saved, open an application common to your company/recipient(s) and paste in the saved file.
4. Once pasted you can then size the picture by using the handles. It is better to use the corner handles as this will maintain the perspective.
5. Then simply save in the appropriate new format.
6. All recipients can now use it without being to edit.
7. The *.pdf route will not work with P3 files unless the recipient also has P3.

Dave Rodwell
Adam Kaminski
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You should have a software for printing a pdf files, for example pdfFactory look on Fine Print
Mohamed Gebriel
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There is an easier way to do this. Just go to the print preview of your layout, right click and chose to save your layout as an image.