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Nebulous Specification interpretation arguments

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John Reeves
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"The Contractor mus provide a preliminary schedule reflecting the Contractor's planned activities during the first 45 calendar days after NTP0.  This preliminary schedule must be submitted within five (5) calendar days after NTP0."  - this is broad, the contractor turned in a copy and paste of just the dates, no float.  They said it is "a schedule", which it is but that does not mean that it is good.  What are some arguements to make with a vague, nebulous spec?  The float issue can be complicated, but also delays commonly occur early - part of the intent of the spec is to know if a delay effects the critical path early in the project etc...I can argue intent but that is also a grey area...does the word schedule in the AEC world have to have a float column?  a 5 week schedule does not.


Rodel Marasigan
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This is a normal clause in the contract. The preliminary schedule usually a very high level (3 months plan or 45 days or 6 weeks whichever is mentioned in the contract) schedule to give the client a brief indication of what the contractor plan to do for the x? amount of weeks or months (as per contract requirement 45 days or ???) while baseline is being developed. It may presented as Gantt chart or a table. It usually prepared in Excel or PowerPoint with the list of high-level items such as:

1) Expected Mobilisation on Site - date and how many
2) Plant & equipment to be mobilise on Site - type, date and how many
3) Engineering deliverables - if part of the contract
4) Long Lead Items - procurement and strategy (date and lookahed plan) if part of the contract
5) Subcontractor - if any and what work
6) etc...