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how items are included in a master schedule

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sharjeel faiz
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If the scope of an EPC project consists of 100 items, big and small, how does the planner include it in the master schedule?



Rafael Davila
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Might also be of interest the following links:

Zoltan Palffy
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on option is to make samller schedules and then when importing select the master schedule and during the importing process select add to existing project instead of creat a new project.

Rodel Marasigan
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Hi Sharjeel,

Depending on how the master schedule is setup and what is the company policy and procedures for Master Schedule.

Some company procedure requiring Level 3 for integrated Master Schedule and Level 4 & Level 5 for contractors schedule.

You can code the contractor's level 4 or level 5 to match Master Level 3 schedule for easy update.