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arjun jairam
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Dear all

I have been asked to produce EVA in P6 on a residential project. I have prepared the schdule. How can i create ASAP &ALAP CURVES.

2. Should my QS give the rates for the works planned. But in residential projects for example I have shown Level 1 Brick Work - 2weeks. should this duration based on sqmtr/gang. 

3. iam confused because in apartment fitout, Electrical installation is for 2 weeks. how will assign cost for this.

need your help...





Zoltan Palffy
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1. view show on bottom resource usage profile lower right are right click  resource usage profile options 

click units

for the ASAP curve click remaining early box

for the ALAP curve click the remaining late box

2. The durations should be as long as it takes based on the quantity of brick work to install divided by the production rate divided by the number of brick layers i.e. 1000 bricks to lay standard rate is 1 man 500 bricks per day

so 1000/500 = 2 days for 1 man or 1000/1000 = 1 day for 2 men 

3. whats the cost for the material ? whats the cost for the labor ?

material cost would be wire, panles and fixtures

labor cost would be manhours multimplied bty the labor rate 

total cost would be material + Labor

add an electrican resource and put the cost in as the total of the material and labor