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HELP! Leveled Resources Delayed by Years ? WTF?

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jean-michel albert
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Hello all, 

I have leveled 2 resources in a simple programme.

After levelling,the commencment of their associated activities are being delayed by 2 years from the data date.

I cannot see any other incriminating features of these activities:

- there are no constraints associated with these activities where these resources are assigned

- the resource and activity calendars are aligned

- the resource levelling and scheduling settings are completely blank, i.e. there are no unusual settings turned on.

WTF ?!?



Alexandre Faulx-B...
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Hi Jean-Michel,

how can you expect a reasonnable answer with such a few details?

* you should check the resource details, and specifically the Units and Price tab:

the by default Effective date is the 1st of january in the year the resource was created in the database; when the resources are leveled, P6 reschedules the activities according to this date; for example, the activity is scheduled to start dec 10, 2019 prior to leveling, and the resource is only effective jan 1st, 2020; the activity will be rescheduled as from this date after leveling

* you should check also the resource assignments in the other projects in you database

I hope this will help


Raymund de Laza
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Kindly share the XER file?