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Baseline Schedule Narrative

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Muhammad Zahid M...
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Dear All,

I need a compreshensive narrative report for the baseline schedule, which inlude detailed understanding for anyone involved in the project.


Can anyone please share any sample format/templates for the report.



Muhammad Zahid


Zoltan Palffy
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why not create you own don't ask for others

Baseline CPM Narrative

The  Baseline CPM Network narrative should include the folowing:


Ø  Assumptions used in development of the CPM network.


Ø  Actions required by others (owner provided permits, owner provided utilities, owner provided access, owner provided equipment, etc..).


Ø  The critical and near critical paths.


Ø  Description of calendars and how holidays are incorporated.


Ø  How the CPM network has accounted for inclement weather.                    


Ø  How weather may impact certain activities.


Ø  Planned sequencing and phasing.


Ø  Anticipated manpower


Ø  Over all plan for the project.