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Ever heard of a Current Control Plan?

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Ryan Stuttard
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Quick context - My PM is making me use a 'Current Control Plan' term instead of 'baseline' as the baseline that links to my live schedule. So, original baseline remains untouched, then overlay that with Current Control Plan (can be edited with agreed changes), then overlay with the live schedule which is progressed against the 'CCP'.

In my experience, I have only ever had the baselines, whether its the original or the updated agreed changes baseline.

Current Control Plans to me would be Project Controls, how the whole project is pulled together, maintained and measured.

So my real question is, have I been fed something that is not widely used as standard or is this just something I have not come across in my experience so far, because my experience as a planner was questioned on the spot due to never hearing the term used for baselines before.


Thanks for any responses!


Zoltan Palffy
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I have never heard of it either but companies oftne use different terms for standard things

Tom Boyle
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Though I've never used the term in practice, CCP makes sense to me as the schedule corresponding to the Current Control Estimate.  As of ~5 years ago, the clients using CCE for cost still used "baseline" for schedule.  Maybe they've changed since then.