Does the construction materials procurement time get entered into the project plan?

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Timothy Reducha
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Hello everyone! 

I am a planning neophyte, and my first thought, was wether or not i should be entering the procurement time into my schedule. In this case, i'm buiding a cinema. The procurement time i've been given for ceiling materials by the suppliers is 6 to 8 weeks.

Does this get entered into my project plan? I'm assuming it does, because that way, it will show, that the adjoining task, installation of the ceiling, is not starting late because of poor planning, but because i'm waiting for the delivery of my materials.


Thank you


Suni Naduvath
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Any one have detailed cinema construction schedule ?

please help the break WBS and activities details

Mike Testro
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Hi Timothy

Yes you should place the procurement duration into your programme.

I use a sub chart with the procurement tasks starting with release of design details followed by:

1. Tender

2. Workshop drawings

3. Approval

4. Manufacture / Procurement

5. Delivery

6. Stock take / storage

These are all linked FS and then linked to the first activity task that needs the materials using an ALAP link.

Then if:

a. The design is late then the progress on site is delayed.

b. If the work is delayed the designer has more time.

Best regards

Mike Testro