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Resource load levelling within multiple projects

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David Hunter
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Hi all,

I have a query relating to load levelling resources within multiple projects with differing priorities.

I know a project has a "Project Levelling Priority" function within P6, so you can level using "Level Resources" that way; however, my schedules are set up using work packages at WBS level within multiple projects. Would it be possible to load level across multiple projects at WBS level?

So for example:

Resource 1

Priority 1 - WP2, Project A

Prioity 2 - WP4, Project B

Priority 3 - WP1, Project A

Resource 2

Priority 1 - WP5, Project C

Priority 2 - WP3, Project B

Priority 3 - WP3, Project A

As you can see, performing a "global" load levelling using the priorities wouldn't really help. Does anyone have a possible solution please? Many thanks in advance.


David, as I wrote earlier if one work package has highest priority for one resource crew member and another work package has highest priority for another member of the same crew then what work package shall be done first?

That is why priorities may be assigned to activities, work packages, projects but they cannot be different for different resources to avoid such conflicts.

David Hunter
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Joined: 7 Sep 2016
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Hi Vladimir,

Yes that's essentially what I mean.

Each resource has a set of priorities in terms of a work package (which I have as a WBS level within a project); so can I prioritise by WBS and then level by using the load levelling facility (across multiple projects)? If the answer is "no", then fine - I just wondered if I was missing something simple.


Your question is not clear. You wrote about work package priorities and in your example you set different priorities for different resources.

Do you mean to set separate work package priorities for leveling of different resources? It may create problems because resources may belong to the same crew and activity priorities for different crew resources may compete.