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What quantities do I need to consider on Baseline Programme preparation for submission/approval for Remeasured contract?

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What quantities do I need to consider when I am preparing a Baseline Programme "Clause 14 Programme" if there are differences between BOQ and contract drawings on a Remeasured Contract? Thanks


Mike Testro
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Hi Jerico

You build to the drawings not the BOQ - so the programme should be based on the drawings.

Best regards

Mike Testro

Umer Mehmood
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It depends upon the scope of work and associated time line , if there is a commitment on contract drawings with given timeline , i think than contract drawing should be used.

Eg concrete as per drawing is 1000 cum while in BOQ it is only 750 , than preparing schedule on 750 will not reflect actual condition , If the drawings did not change than schedule will not be valid since qty exceeds

Thus the claim for additional time due to mistake in BOQ cant be claimed.

Usually in re-measured contract BOQ is not accurate , people continue to refer to drawings for changes 




Umer Mehmood