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What shall the Planner consider when contractually "Float time is accrue to the Owner"

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Hatem Hejazi
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Hatem Hejazi
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Joined: 30 Aug 2008
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Groups: GPC Qatar

Thank you all for your answers, a friend send me the below link, and it was really helpful

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Anoon Iimos
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Perhaps you can propose for acceleration of the works?

For example: Floats that were for the benefit of the owner maybe those floats for long lead items to be supplied by the Owner;

In this case, if you were the contractor and it is your responsibility to install those long lead items, then you can make your preparations in advance (or as required at site); or maybe you can charge for standby costs, instead of the Owner utilizing all the floats in his favor. 

Rafael Davila
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Keep two schedule versions.

One with inflated durations and reduced float for purpose of contract analysis. Learn to update the schedule recording idle time as activity non duration otherwise in a claim might be interpreted as contractor delay that you will need to justify in order to reduce it in your claim analysis. Also try to reduce pacing to a minimum as it will most probably be claimed by the other side as a delay on your part. If pacing must happen then keep it on record and inform the Owner you are pacing because of his actions or inaction.

One without inflated durations for purpose of managing the job, targeting for early dates that will not happen but that will be later if you target for a late schedule. Call it the optimistic schedule and keep it away from the owner or he will try to steal buffer from you, placing right hand on your shoulder calling you honest and dishonestly placing his left hand in your pocket. If a contract schedule is to be a claim tool do not be naive as to believe you got to show it in favor of others in a way it prevents you from having some buffer.

Do not fall into a foolish position to show all your cards to others, no poker player would do that.

Mike Testro
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Hi Hatem

A prudent contractor would ensure that there are sufficient tasks labelled Contractors Time Risk Buffer to reduce float to a minimum.

Best regards

Mike Testro