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Program planning setup

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Manie Conradie
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Dear forum members,

I recently got assigned the task of program management for one of our business sectors.

What is required of me is firstly to have a complete overview of what was done, when and where. And this is also where I am stuck. It is safe to say that this is my first job as project or program manager/planner.

Background: Our company performs dimentional quality control and analysis in the automotive industry. In this instance it is for plastic fuel containers. We have multiple companies requesting our services, and within each company multiple factories.

Each time a new fuel container has been designed it is our job to assist in the adjustment of the production machines until the product is within specification. This is done by an iterative process. 

At the moment we are using different Google online sheets to keep track of what we are doing, but is it far from being optimal or even clear. 

I view this as a learning process, and therefore not asking for the solution, but rather guidance. 

Does anybody have an idea or two for me to look at or research so that I can streamline our administration and planning of this program in a clear and effecient way?

A very succesfull 2014 to all!



Mike Testro
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Hi Manie

Welcome to planning planet.

As I understand it you do not manufacture the fuel containers but provide specialist services to adjust and monitor the installation in multiple locations where they are to be fitted.

You therefore need some sort of resource monitoring software.

This can be set up on excell where you have a line for each fitting team vertically and the various locations and time frame horizontally.

Adjustment would be visual/manual and it would get complicated when you factor in public holidays / leave etc.

The next step is to invest in a cheap but effective resource management software where once you have set up the sytem the software will work out the optimum deployment ratio - taking into account all the variables.

The best system that I know will do the job is Asta Powerproject and you can download a 30 day free trial from their website.

Best regards

Mike Testro