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P6 SQL Express Server - Remote Connection Setup

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Jacques Meheut
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I was wondering if anyone had successfully set up a MS SQL Express Server for a remote P6 connection? I have set up an MS SQL 2017 Server and working fine, set up the relevant ports to allow remote access but the following error from P6 when I try to connect.

"Bad public user name or password. PRM DBAccess Error: Connection attempt to database failed with message SQL State: 1, SQL Error Code: 14, Level: 16, Procedure: , Line: 0

[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (ParseConnectParams()).]Invalid connection.;" I assume something has gone wrong somewhere but searching online for similar setups have been unsuccessful. P6 is not running on this server, I am just housing the SQL server there for storing the database, P6 is located off-site. If anything has done something similar, I'd very much appreciate any assistance and advice. Thanks, Jacques