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A few simple questions

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Mark McErlean
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Have a few questions I would like someone to answer if possible?

Q1. When planning fit-out periods how is this usually done as it doesnt really follow a finish-to-start relationship or am I doing it wrong. I usually have 1st fix joinery, 1st fix M&E, plaster/skim, second fixes etc. Do these need to be broken down further to achieve a FS relationship and therefore a critical path? (if anyone has a standard template that would be of use)

Q2. I am trying to create an as-built programme (in Asta) for a project. I have never done this before as I am pretty new to the role & construction in general. Can anyone guide me how to create this? I assume I enter the actual dates as the project progresses however I am unsure how. Do I create a baseline for an as built or do I enter Actual Start & Actual finishes within the contract programme?

I would really appreciate any feedback you guys could provide to help a newcomer get to grips with this planning business as I am keen to excel.