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New to planning - advice for my first few weeks :-)

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Philip Attersal
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After doing somewhat of a 'covering role' - At last i have started my Project Planning career! 

And I am after some advice for my first few weeks. 

Just a couple of items on a list I can tick off, to benefit me - and of course. Should I end up working for any of you in the future :-)

Background. I am a Lvl 3 planner. Reviewing contractors programmes. Reporting upwards 

In addition, using our contruction programmes and putting them into P6 (Up to the point of once all the activities are in, I need to speak to contruction to ensure the logic is correct)

If you could go back. What would you wish you had done


Wk 1 - Do, read, learn x

Wk 2 - Do, read, learn y

Wk 3 - Do, read, learn z


Thank you



Field Corosion
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Good day Planners


I have problem by doing forecast, what is the best way to calculate forecast for projects if the project always chages with additional scope.

Option re-forecast for each additional scope or you have any options to create proper forecast...

PLease send me your option to my email


Thanks a lot




Zoltan Palffy
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X understand the project get a good grasp of the scope and the sequence of work

Y Understand the process involved and not only what happens but why 

Z Analyse the results take nothing at face value if you do not understand ask the question why ?

Mike Testro
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Hi Phillip

First and foremost advice for planners is to Know How to Build It.

Otherwise you are a scheduler.

Best regards

Mike Testro