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Longest path or Critical path of As built Schedule (Primavera)

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Srichand Sobhani
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Dear All,

I am new to PP blogs and require help from your expertise.

I have to report to my Managment some sort of Delay Analysis & Lesson Learned by comparing Baseline and As-built Schedule. I had joined the project in mid of its life, so I have collected reasons of delay from documents and from coleagues before me and recorded separately.

The big hurdle in my way is that the baseline schedule is so brief and different from the current schedule. Current schedule is much detailed and during the course of time I introduced many activities which were not known before but required to execute. Due to this reason I can not simply compare two schedules. Please help me to evaluate longest path of the completed (as built) schedule. My schedule is in P6 and I have used global change to de-progress it without scheduling it. But all bars are green in result and no critical or longest path is visible.

Please help.



Andrew Tan
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Hi Srichand,

What I may do in your case.

1. Create a new schedule from the as-built schedule.

2. Use the baseline schedule as guide, group the detailed activities as Level of Effort activities.

3. Add the baseline schedule activities and dates on top of these LOE activities.

4. Compare. If LOE can have relationship (need to check in office), then link it.



Srichand Sobhani
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Thanks Mike,

I have understood the step 1 and will perform positevely. Though adding activities seems big job, becasuse baseline is nothing more than a few line-stanza of a verse :)

Can you please further elaborate step 2 and relation with step1.

Secondly after adding the new activities/tasks in to baseline schedule, can we consider it as "True Critical Path of Project" what would it had been, supposing if there were all detailed activities in baseline, as we came accross in current schedule? This is important for me because, I have to mention in closure report as lesson learned and delay reasons.



Mike Testro
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Hi Srichand

Some points to consider.

1. New activities are a delay event in themselves so each addition to the  original baseline may generate an extension of time and shift the critical path. Therefore add the new tasks into the baseline in chronological order and note the delay effect of each one.

2. You can then start to impact other delay events that you may have scheduled - again noting the effect of each one.

3. It is impossible to put logic into an as built programme that reflects what actually happened so don't bother.

When you have completed steps 1 and 2 then compare the impacted result with the underlying As Built programme.

This should be sufficient information for your management to draw relevant conclusions.

Best regards

Mike Testro