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late finish is sooner than the Baseline Early Finish

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Dura Cell
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Dear All PP Members,

Is it possible if late finisn is sooner than the Baseline Early Finish?


Stephen Devaux
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If you really are headed for an earlier finish, it might be possible to go back to the customer, find out if there is value to finishing early, and see if you can negotiate an early delivery incentive.

Fraternally in project management,

Steve the Bajan

Jorge Payne
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Yes, it is possible. All it is saying is that the latest allowable date that you can finish today  is now earlier than the earliest possible finish date when you captured your baseline.


What has probably happened is that something in your downstream network logic has changed, either increased durations, additional scope, restructuring of logic (what may have been in parallel is now in series)  or a new constraint applied to a downstream activity that is more restrictive than previous; or thec completion of your project must now be earlier.  Are you now required to complete earlier?  That is forcing the late path earlier to the point that its now earlier than you said you could achieve in your baseline.

Good luck with that.

Dura Cell
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Thank you sir for the reply

Raymund de Laza
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As I understand, you are comparing the Baseline Schedule from the Current Schedule.

Any changes or updates that you have done in the current schedule will not affect the baseline schedule.

Hence, the late finish in the current schedule can be sooner, later or equal as in the baseline.


Hope this help.