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Importing resources into a P6 resource library

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denis mc Carthy
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Hi All,

I am new to using p6 and i have a long list of resources in excel. And i am wondering if it is possible to import them in to the resource library in P6. This would save me having to creat them in one by one.




j subbya
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Dear denis,


can u plz send the resource detail , this will me to improve the resource planning skills



D Artagnan
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There is a project.xls sdk file that can be used to import-export resources (etc.) . Ask some guys here.

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Hi Denis mc Carthy


since you are new I suggest you the following

1- use a tempory project for your experimentation

2- go the file menu and choose export  then you choose excel

3- study the created excel file

4- modifiy what you want in excel file with the same format ( add what you want with the same format)

5-go to file menu and choose export   then choose from excel






Resources in p6 is global for all projects. Importing will add/modify existing resources if any depending in setting. For more details go to help