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How method used for calculated actual progress for blinding concrete ???

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Jehad Aldaoud PMP...
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hello all, i wish you doing will in you work

my problem that i faced in m work that we are started casting blinding concrete in the site and they want from me to calculate the actual progress for blinding concrete to compare with planned progress there is two methods i know put i don't know which one i choose 

1- First method is depend on take coordination from site that they casted and calculate the quantities from drawings based on coordination 


2- Second method is depend on the quantity of concrete that casted in site 


i don't what method i used ???


Best regards 


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I would suggest you choose to measure your actual progress based on the actual quantity used at the site (the quantity used in the desired structure). The unit measurement depends on what you are using. It can be in square meter or cubic meter.

Damian Smith
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I would do both methods and see what the calcuated difference is.

In theory, the amount of concrete used should equal the area of the blinding completed.

If the concrete used is more than the area, then potentially you are over spending with too much concrete so you should inform your team that they are doing so.

Also, if you get paid per metre sq of blinding, then measure progress against that. Likewise if you are paid by the m3 then use that