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In P6: Can only one Resource Type (e.g., Labor and NOT Nonlabor) update the entire Units % complete?

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moe barkouky
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Hi All,


I want the actual units of a certain (Labor) Type resource and not the actual units of the combination of resources allocated to the activities to update the UNITS % COMPLETE .  e.g.,  for a given task, i have two types of resources allocated to it, one of type LABOR and the other of the type question : can the UNITS % COMPLETE be only updated based on the quantities of the LABOR type only resource?


Thanks a bunch




Khaja Sharief
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P6 considers only labour & non labour units for deriving units % complete and will not consider material units for calculating percentage complete.

The calculation of Activity % Complete = Units % Complete = (Actual Labor Units + Actual Nonlabor Units) ¸ (Actual Labor Units + Actual Nonlabor Units +Remaining Labor Units + Remaining Nonlabor Units).

If multiple resources have been assigned to the activity it would be sum of all labor and nonlabor units.