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Error in Total Cost after importing

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kaythrine Bigueras
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Hi everyone!

Got another question, Something goes wrong when we try to import the schedule from one pc to the other ( we are using stand alone) and when we try to email it to the client. Sometimes the the cost was doubled, sometime it would be lesser or sometimes higher than what we originally input. And the resource assigment changes as if it was being reshuffled.

Right now we try to delete the different versions of the schedule (we store multiple schedule on the EPS as backups as and per revisions we made to compare) includung its corresponding resources.

But still there is a small difference on the final cost like if the original cost of Casework is 69,000.50 it became 69,001.08.

by the we are using same version here at the office 6.0 and the client uses 6.2, but may it be same version importing or not, it doesnt show the same cost

Can you please help me again on this :)

Thank you in advance


Daniel Limson
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Hi Kay and Raphael,

I believed that the software needs a lot of improvement, this is one area where P6 is weak. Imagine the time and the effort and difficulty in finding out what went wrong and setting it up again.

I think the problem and the difference lies in the global set-up. I noticed that when you import a file, it basically adopts all the global settings in your computer and if you have a different setting with the other computer then you are in big trouble.

Primavera should fix this. When I import a file, I expect to see everything in that file including the layout and printer set-up.

Can anybody from PP get the attention of Primavera Systems (Oracle)??? Maybe we should also set up a Q&A with our leading software provider so that they can improve the software.


Best regards,



Rafael Davila
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Some Primavera products allow you to enter quantities directly to a field but also if you enter percentage it will re-compute quantities to a different value due to rounding. Perhaps at some point you enter quantities directly but at other times you computed quantities indirectly by using percentage input and there is where minor differences start to appear.

I believe some settings might help, there is where I would start looking, perhaps there are options on how balance to complete is computed and how % are used.

This you are experiencing with Primavera happened to me many times and it was very annoying, hope this will at least give you a clue. This is all I remember from my prior experience with P3, P3e and SureTrak.

Good luck.