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Concrete Frame - Output Rates

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Michael Enright
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Everyone have any information regarding the following concrete frame methods with regards to labour gangs / pour sizes / formwork erection output rates etc.


  • Flat slab
  • Ribbed slab
  • Waffle slab
  • Band and beam slab
  • Deep beam and slab
  • Hybrid
  • Pre-cast
  • Tunnel form



Mike Testro
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Hi Michael

All production outputs should be extracted from the cost plan / boq.

If the estimator has set down a labour - plant - material beakdown then total resource values can be extracted and converted to hours by way of the resource cost rate.

If you do not have such a breakdown then you can apply a percentage that represents the labour value - applied to the net total - and again converted to hours.

If you have any doubt about what percentage to use then consult the estimator or qs or refer to any of the pricing books.

You should avoid using Ad Hoc production rates because this will have no bearing on your particular project.

Best regards

Mike Testro